Re: Tianocore community page on who we are - please review

Laszlo Ersek

(Resending; my previous attempt to post this response failed, and I even
lost the original version of my response, so I'm rewriting it again from
a draft. I've also cleaned up the garbage in the address list now -- I
think that may have contirbuted to me failing to send the message at

Hello Soumya,

On 10/02/20 01:52, Guptha, Soumya K wrote:
Hi Folks,

Thanks for good discussions around this topic.

The purpose of this document "Who we are" is intended to remain high
level to introduce the community members and their roles. Please note
that some of the feedback is very detailed that probably fits into the
TianoCore development

Below are my proposed changes to the document based on the emails.

Please review and let me know if you see any issues by Oct 5. Please
also directly edit the document and let us know what you edited in the

Fyi.. my plan is for this page to go live on Oct 9th. This will be a
living document and we can make changes as we discover more.

I have added a new member "Release Manager", added TianoCore admin
role, added responsibilities to the Maintainer and Reviewer section.
I'm confused -- I understood the document was published already in the

and the other day Liming even posted a patch for it, introducing the
Release Manager Role:

I reviewed the patch (I suggested some improvements):

In other words, the document is already as "live" as it gets. It's up on
the wiki for anyone to read and to propose updates for.

Importantly, it's going to be difficult if we edit the document through
multiple channels.

Before publication, we edited the document through Google Docs -- that
was an acceptable collaboration tool at that stage. Now that the
document resides in the Wiki, the preferred format for proposing
changes, and discussing those changes, is the usual patch review
workflow on edk2-devel.

We've followed this method for a long time now, for important wiki
articles. For trivial changes to important articles, and for all kinds
of changes to low visibility / low impact articles, using the WebUI is
acceptable. But this is an important change to an important document.

Furthermore, for wiki contributors that do not have wiki accounts (with
write access anyway), posting patches to edk2-devel is the *only* way to
contribute to the wiki. In the future, we might want to rebase that
workflow *too* to pull requests, but even then, the preferred
format to express / propose a wiki change will still remain "patch".

Apologies if I misunderstood something; my point is, if I'm supposed to
review a change to the "Who we are" article in the wiki, please point me
to a patch on edk2-devel.


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