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Soumya Guptha

Good point on the release maintainer definition - we need to add this.
Yes I think we need to add those guidelines for maintainer.
(Please keep in mind to separate the role vs process, process will stay in maintainers process document and we link to it.
Please hash out contributor role.

Leif, thanks for your feedback.

Jiewen, you should have access to update the document. Can you please add your changes and the rest of us can review and comment?


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Hi Liming,

On Sun, Sep 27, 2020 at 10:32:55 +0800, gaoliming wrote:

Now, we have reviewer and maintainer role. Reviewer takes role 1~4.
Maintainer takes role 1~7. If the people know edk2 process well, they
mostly know edk2 one or more packages (modules). So, they can take Maintainer role.
If the people only focus on the technical review, they can take
reviewer role. I would suggest there is at lease one Maintainer for each package.
There are more reviewers for each package.


Here are my comments.

Guidelines for a Maintainer. Never let a pending request get older
than a calendar week. This requirement is too strict to the maintainer or reviewer.
The maintainer or reviewer should try to give the response in one
week. But, they may not fully review one patch set in one week, es for
the feature or the complex change.
My take on this is as follows (speaking as someone who has failed this rule many times):
This document is a guideline.

In some cases we are not yet in a position to be more timely about this.
That's where we need more reviewers to help out. Whether they are official designated reviewers or not. If some parts of the codebase always take long time to get review feedback for, that is a sign of a problem that needs to be addressed.

I agree that for a very invasive change, we may not be able to give a detailed reply early on. But in those cases, we should convey that feedback *very* early on.

Role of a Contributor/developer. We need to highlight the role &
responsibility for the incompatible change. If the contributor
proposes the incompatible change, he needs to coordinate with the
impacted platform maintainer and make the agreement who will follow up
to update the impacted platforms before he requests to merge his patch
set. The impacted platforms include all ones in Edk2 and Edk2Platforms.
This is a good point. The details may need more discussion.

Last, this page also needs to include release maintainer Definition
and Role. The release maintainer is to create the quarterly stable
tag. He takes the role to collect the feature planning for each stable
tag, schedule the release date, and create the stable tag with the release notes on tag page.
He will also send the announcement of soft feature freeze, hard
feature freeze and the stable tag completement to edk2 community.
This is also a good point.

Best Regards,




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Some other thought is about maintainer’s role definition:

The role of a maintainer is to:

1. Maintainer assignments to packages and source file name patterns are
provided in the "
<> Maintainers.
txt" file.
2. Subscribe to the "edk2-bugs" mailing list
<>, which
propagates TianoCore Bugzilla <> actions via email. Keep a close eye on
new issues reported for their assigned packages. Participate in
triaging and analyzing bugs filed for their assigned packages.
3. Responsible for reviewing patches and answering questions from
contributors, on the edk2-devel mailing list
4. Responsible for coordinating patch review with co-maintainers and
reviewers of the same package.
5. Has push / merge access to the merge branch.
6. Responsible for merging approved patches into the master branch.
7. Follow the EDK II development
ocess> process.

IMHO, the 1~4 need technical expertise, while 5~7 need process expertise.

Logically, the can be two separated roles and be done by two different

A people who has strong technical expertise might NOT be the best
person to do the integration, and vice versa. I hope we can let right
person do right thing in right way.

For example, to avoid mistake during check in, 5~7 can be done by a
role named “integrator”.

My dream is that check-in process is just one click button. But it
seems we are still far from it…

My two cents.

Thank you

Yao Jiewen

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Subject: Re: [edk2-devel] Tianocore community page on who we are -
please review

Thanks Soumya. I think this is a good start.

Recently we are discussing the maintainer’s work in EDKII mailing
list, with title “more development process failure”.

I feel the process mentioned in
nt-Pro cess is not clear enough to follow, especially for the
maintainer who is not full time working on EDKII.

I wish we can have this opportunity to revisit the “Follow the EDK II
ocess> process” and make “the process” simpler and clearer.

Then all maintainers can sign to follow one rule. The rule we define
and the rule we agree with.

Thank you

Yao Jiewen

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Soumya Guptha
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Subject: [edk2-devel] Tianocore community page on who we are - please

Dear Community members,

I have drafted a document “who we are”, explaining Tianocore community
structure, members of the community, their role and the current
development process. I have drafted this document with the help of the
Tianocore Stewards.

We view this as a living document, as our development processes
evolve, I will keep this document updated.

Please review the draft version of the document (link below) and
provide your feedback. Please send it to me, no need to reply all.

I appreciate your input by Friday, Oct 2. After this, I plan on make
it live on our TianoCore wiki site.




Soumya Guptha
TianoCore Community Manager

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