Re: [RFC] EMEA Meeting Days / Times Change

Stephano Cetola

It was mentioned that posting RFCs to the announce mailing list means folks will need the ability to post.

I agree that announcements can lead to conversation and so I've opened up the announce list to posting. New user moderation is active so I'll need to approve your first post.


On 5/14/2019 7:57 AM, Stephano Cetola wrote:
Some folks from the EMEA region have mentioned that the days and times for their meetings are not ideal. We'd like to be sure that as many people from this region can attend as possible. As such, I'll be sending out an anonymous poll to determine the best day / time to hold meetings. We will start with the *Design* meeting, as I have not been getting a lot of designs from that region. :)
To accommodate both North America and EMEA, we will restrict ourselves to times after 14:00 GMT. The days are less restrictive, though Friday is not an option, as that would begin to encroach on people's weekend.
The first poll will help us select a good day (Mon - Thurs) and the next poll will select a time (14:00 GMT - 17:00GMT). I will give each poll 48 hours. After the design meeting we will repeat for bug triage, and finally for the community meeting.
It is vital that folks in this region respond to the poll, so if for any reason we need to extend it please let me know.
Please feel free to use this thread for comments and questions.

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